basselope question?


Do any of you guys know the stats of the basselope if so please tell me thanks. :slight_smile:


Made By Caribou Lodge YoYo Workds
Weight: 64.60 Grams
Diameter: 52.50 Millimeters
Width: 41.26 Millimeters
Gap Width: 3.71 Millimeters
Bearing size: 5x10x4 Millimeters (Size A)
Gap Type: Fixed
Response System: Silicone sticker


Thanks Samad you rock!


Also does anyone know when its available to buy on yoyoexpert.


It should be available very soon. I think within a week.


Thanks Samad but can anyone calculate the stats to the same way there done on yoyoexpert i think Andre did the stats by inches like for example 2.23 inches like that thanks.