Bassalope,07 888,401Ks, No jives for sale


Bassalope,yuuki, and 888 are on ebay now

Minty, used but not abused, plays great its never snaged before ha, might just be my yoyoing tho  :stuck_out_tongue:

retail plus my shipping costs

very rare ALLYOYO 07 888 highwall I’ve only seen two of these in my time, offer two scuffs as seen in picture and classic YYF blotchy anno THIS IS NOT A B GRADE IT CAME NEW LIKE THIS…

Offer  I’m not looking for too much

Yuuki 401K Minty 60 Shipped
Black Unengraved 401k Minty 70 Shipped
Comes with extra dials…

takeshi Wheel mod incredibly smooth for a wheel mod 35 Shipped

hyper Freehand Dual siliconed Kinda chewed up on the rims 20 Shipped

Dual Siliconed Kickside some scuffs 15 Shipped

Blue No jive Minty 35 Shipped
Red with black stripes 30 Shipped


PM’d. Seems a lot of Yuuki 401K’s are popping up latley.


how about i just pay for shipping on the 888.

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