Big christmas sale..bargain prices..


Bassalope Minty 85 Shipped

Mint Yuuki 401K 60 Shipped

Black 401K Engraved rare 60 Shipped

Red P2 Minty basically brand new thrown twice 70 Shipped

Small bearing skyline dings and scratches 4-5 shown in pciture, super smooth tho…50 shipped

Mint higby dual sili 30 Shipped

Gold bionic Dual sili and schmoved one cap cracked 30 Shipped

Bionic with viking caps dual sili and schmoved mint 35 Shipped

Bionic with clear blue caps dual sili and schmoved 35 shipped

Bionic dual sili with glasseye caps 35 Shipped

calico joe dyed stock…40 Shipped

Only trades are:

(system) #2