HUGE lathe sale


paypal Only USA and canada only

Prices are negotiable, will cut deals if you buy multiples…



Before you PM or EMAIL me ask yourself these two questions, Do I have paypal? Do I live in the USA or canada? If you asnwer yes to both then PM or EMAIL me, if the answer to either is no, then don’t PM or EMAIL me.

Black unengraved 401k minty 40 shipped

Modfathered ES zero 50 Shipped

Stock ES zero Other cap is cracked 40 Shipped

Pad recessed minty smoooth 25 Shipped

Bionic glasseye dual silied 30 Shipped

YYN zero Dual sili cracked caps 30 Shipped

Blue dual sili minty one cracked cap 25 Shipped

Black Dingo Minty 45 Shipped

Die nasty 15 shippde

Bootleg monkey 10 shipped

Calico Joe Zero Minty Stock I can swap caps with white if you want
40 Shipped

Vertigo FH2 Mint 30 shipped

Pair of phantoms 15 Shipped

Speeddial 10 shipped


Can you send me more pics of the project?


the first red yoyo looks BEAST!!! i have a 2009 nationals fhz mint!!!


About those Phantoms…

Is it possible for me to get the black one for 7 bucks?


$15 Dollars for them both right?

CAD or US?


Do u have a 888 to sell


I don’t see any lathes. Hint hint

Please don’t call a yoyo sexy. That hints at very disturbing things, but leave it if you want.

@Legacy - Do you see an 888 up there?


Ok I’m really interested in those two phantoms, I’ll get them…

Please put them on hold for me. $15 for them both.


I am interested in the Dingo.

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