4 yoyos $80!


black speed dial with green rims in box
LE ENYO red patriot in box
red black night in box
and first run menehune tuned

all yoyos mint!

looking for:
money for US nats
and might consider trades

(SR) #2

Pics? You kinda just registered a few minutes ago… so yeah. We can’t trust you just yet.


I can vouch for this guy. Seen him post a lot, and he seems trustable. Hes been around longer then you, actually, SR.


thanks, you can look me up on pats site if you want, i think i have 7 trades on there

(SR) #5

I didn’t know you were on the Nation, sorry.



Any trades?


what you got?

(JackG) #8

he registered today…


Not on this forum…


look on pats site forum and find me.

(JackG) #11

ic ic ty


pics of the black knight
i have 25 dollars if u are willing to seperate the package deal?
i will also pm


how much for just the speed dial or just the black night???

(Justin the JeeJaw) #14

is speed dial sold???
if not how much for just speed dial ;D

(Mitch) #15

Dude… this thread is crazy old… PM him… dont bring up old news


ill trade my g5 if you throw in 25 bucks

(system) #17