Bass Punch

Here’s a little combo/trick I made up called “Bass Punch”. I’ve had the name in mind for a long time, and finally made up the trick to go with it. It starts with a houdini mount which becomes a wrist mount that is actually on the fingers instead of the wrist. Anyway, it’s one of the first tricks that I made up and I feel that it turned out well for what it’s worth.

sweet, i like that trick alot!! What throw were you looking, it almost looked like a Light up FHZ.


also props for ur AV…can’t beat a bit of liquid swords :wink:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. It’s actually a FHZ that John Higby painted, it’s blue and white with stars on it. Also, it has a single-side pad recess done by Takeshi.

@AndyJacko - That’s definitely true, Liquids Swords is probably my favorite album ever haha

Nice. Very nice.

Yeah it’s a classic…I’m a massive Wu-Tang fan n got Wu logo tattoo and a tattoo portrait of ODB :slight_smile:

Haha that’s awesome. I have a Wu-Tang shirt but that’s it, GZA, Method Man, and the RZA are my favorites of the 9 original members.

I kinda have an unhealthy Wu-Tang obsession lol got shirts, hoodies n even some Wu limited edition fila boots :slight_smile: I even run an ODB Facebook page…

I like all original members stuff n also like a lot of Shyheim, Cappadonna n Killarmy stuff too

Wow, I have stuff like 36 Chambers, OB4CL, Liquid Swords, and Tical on CD. I like that stuff too, Killah Priest is one of my favorite Wu-affiliates.

Yeah I like most Wu-Fam stuff…kinda biased haha

I almost got fired from my job for drawing this pic…started with the 1 tiny Wu bat 3rd from bottom left and got a verbal warning so thought I may as well carry on and by end of the day I got a written warning for “defacing company property” even tho my manager thought it was cool and photocopied it haha

Whoa, that’s pretty sick, and I thought I really liked the Wu haha.

Ohhh, that’s nothing haha I worked there for about a year after that n drew a different “Wu” pic every day…after the 3rd written warning they finally gave up and accepted it…I covered my desk in the pix and sellotaped them completely onto the desk so they couldn’t be removed easily and then other people started asking me for them for their desks too haha

Couple others (I have about 500 in total)

P.S. I can’t draw anything other than Wu-Tang logos hahaha

I just won the champion ship of nh yo