Basic tricks - how cool is that ?


Hi, I was wondering.

Like in learning to play music, one is always after technical improvement, which is totally legitimate.

But in the end, for the accomplished artist, it can sometimes be very nice to play some really easy melodies, chords, we can hear many examples of awesome musicians composing great music out of a 3 chords looping grid.

Is it the same with yoyo ? I want to believe it is.

When I can totally understand and agree with the need of searching and reaching for better technique and more tricks, I think it can be nice to throw basic beginner tricks in between more complicated stuff.

But it also depends on how one wants to show off his/hers skills (on video or live)

I was wondering what were the general community lines about great players using basic tricks.

Do you still walk the dog or rock the baby or people generally move on from this kind of tricks ?


i am performing next week. i just put in all my best trick and i was suprised how quickly it went

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Cool story bro. Suprisingly irrelevant.

I find that I do a bunch of beginner level tricks in between my more advanced stuff. The simple things can be VERY fun to perform even when you’ve known it for a while. It’s not like it’s instantly not gonna be a fun trick because you’ve learned more. When performing for other people it is always nice to do the basics becuase thats what they remember seeing yoyos do way back when. They’ll also love tricks like boingy-boing and Eli hops. Hovever, wen yoyoing for a group of yoyoers most people don’t perform the beginner tricks. In a freestyle at a contest it may be considered a waste of time when you could be doing harder, and therefore more valueble, tricks. We still go gaga over eli hops though ::slight_smile:


of course I can understand the contest point of view, if you’re on stage to score hard points

but it can also be enjoyable to watch perfectly executed starter tricks in between more advanced stuff

but I agree it might be irrelevant to throw a “walk the dog” in between a moebius combo ;D

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Braintwisters are pretty basic but you’ve got the likes of Mark Montgomery and others who use them to great effect on a freestyle.

But yeah, simple tricks are great for breaks in between intense practice sessions. They just have that feel you can’t get from a minute long combo.


Basic tricks are great. They’re what most people recognize when they think of yoyo tricks. Also, understanding and mastering basic tricks and how they work helps with advanced tricks as building blocks. Besides, sometimes they’re just cool to do. :slight_smile:

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check out ed. seriously, he does a lot of basic stuff in his videos because he throws a lot of wooden axles. he also does some sweet picture tricks, or just some awesome techy stuff. and also check out mark montgomery. i remember one of his freestyles, he did cats cradle and the crowd went nuts