Basic GT Variation

I’m gonna guess that someone’s already made this before, but I was playing around with the basic GT (over the wrist and slide the string off) yesterday and I came across this. I’m not sure what to call it, but you’re just getting into the basic green triangle and hopping it out through the back like normal. But instead of catching it in a trapeze at the end, you’re crossing your arms and then catching. After you catch it, you can bind by uncrossing your arms. If it’s hard to catch it, try to make your hops straight up and shorter. I suck at explaining things so I can explain further if it’s needed.

Could you possibly show a video on what you mean? I can picture in my head what I think you mean, but not 100% certain. Can you just not do it, or are you asking how to do it? Because from the sound of it, it is literally exactly what you said. Just a GT and crossing your arms to catch it, then binding as you are uncrossing your arms.

Yeah, I can do it about 7/10 times now. Otherwise I’d be so obsessed with getting it right that I wouldn’t have posted about it yet ;). I can’t post a vid right now, but it literally is just crossing your arms while you catch it. Like the title says, it’s pretty basic :slight_smile: