Basement Sessions 4 - The best yet!




Awesome! Now with 100% more Ibs and 66% more kendama!

Really good stuff. You guys looked like you were having some fun. :wink: Nice tricks, too.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the aspect ratio of the video is mussed up; everything looks squeeshed. But still didn’t really interfere with the enjoyment.


Thank you! The video was shot in widescreen… I’m not sure why it looks squished to you, but that may be the reason. Perhaps we’re all just a little bit shorter and wider than you imagined… :wink:


I dunno, but here’s what I see! Pretty sure the aspect ratio is off!


I lol’d so hard when I read the pictures link hahaah squishy lolol jesus Christ greg your to funny to be old XD hahaa. jk 40 isn’t old, 60 is.

onto the video, good job Jt and davisss, idk who the girl is but tell I said “dope ish guhh!!” forreal tearin it up on the kendama. I was on instagram today and a glassblower I follow has made a fully functioning kendama pipe out of glass, the only thing that’s not glass is the string and ball thing or whatever its call. dama I think? but dope stuff guy. jt you made me miss steve Irwin :’( dude was my hero. oh… btw the glassblower also makes yoyos. hmu if you wanna see a pic yo, tooo dope forreal 5409313595. good stuff again guys :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the feedback guys! I’m not sure what the issue with the aspect ratio is, but it looks okay to me… possibly just because I spent so much time watching the footage though. Haha :slight_smile:

Any more feedback is greatly appreciated! What would you like to see in the next BS?


Me. hahaha


Video if the year right here. Sooo good.


You were all awesome! Watching over and over! Thanks!


We can make it happen.


Thank you both! We appreciate all the support so much. Looking for new people and new ideas to throw into the upcoming BS edits! Let us know what you like/dislike so we can keep the series going strong!


Update: All of us will be at BAC next weekend, including “kendama girl” haha. Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new friends!


Bump- trying to hit 2k views ;D



That was amazing! Incredible editing, amazing tricks, both yoyo’s and kendama’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing!


Yup, gave it a 3rd watch today.


Haha thank you very much! More to come soon, I promise :slight_smile: