Basecampyoyo moonshine stock bearing removal

My bearing removal tool isn’t working, what’s the best way to get the bearing out?

Not an answer to your question, but how do you like the Moonshine?

I’m guessing it’s too responsive! ;D

No such thing ;D

still having problems? put it in the freezer for a half hour or so, then try again.

I had the same problem. I just kept trying and after a few tries and wiggling, it came out.

Then I found a better solution: I bought a second, identical Moonshine. One will stay unresponsive with the longer axle and wider bearing; the second will stay responsive with the shorter axle and half spec bearing.

I love the idea of having both responsive and unresponsive in a single throw, but that all falls apart when I think about having to change things in the field. The additional $45 to $55 is well worth being able to switch modes instantly (i.e. by reaching in the pocket), compared to stopping and swapping out components. Besides, the Moonshine is highly pocketable, so carrying two is relatively easy. One in the hand, the other in the pocket. Swap modes of play in seconds.

So far I love the Moonshine but still getting used to it. Doesn’t spin as stable as some others but of course not, it’s narrow. But to have a decent quality throw in my pocket at all times without excessive bulge, in both responsive and unresponsive modes, that’s just awesome.

I love it, fun little yoyo!

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Narrow bearings can be harder to get out because there’s less area for the tool to grip. And if the tip of your bearing tool has been worn down at all from use it will be less effective.

A newer bearing tool will do the trick, or take a look and see if you have a 1/4 inch drill bit with a flat back end(some are rounded or tapered and won’t work on a narrow bearing), they’re the perfect size.