Base Camp promo?

I had some items in my cart earlier today but regrettably did not buy them because they had a promo code “Buy 2 base camp items and get 15% off”. Looking at my cart now, it says the promo code does not work - did this promotion just end?


Looking into it! :blush:

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What two basecamp yoyos were you trying to purchase?

André are you judging the contest this year?

Do you only have 2 Basecamps in your cart, and is one of those the free Sherpa?
You gotta have 2 Basecamps in your cart not including the free Sherpa…so 3 in total. haha confused yet? >.<’

The Moonshine sold out on the 4th, so if that was one of the ones you had in your cart…it might have been automatically taken out, which is causing you to no longer have the required number of Basecamps in cart for the promo to kick in.

Hey Andre, thanks for the reply, it was 2 YYF Flights. They don’t show up on the Base Camp store page so I don’t know why they were eligible to begin with (they were the galaxy marble & aurora marble colour if that matters) but I definitely saw the 2@15%/3@20% off promo pop-up when I added it to my cart.

Does the promo get applied though when you go to check out?

Maybe they made the pop-up just to advertise that the sale is happening so you’d know?.

So I just added the 2 yos to my cart and went to check out…


Is this what you’re talking about? The warning that says:

BASECAMPDEAL1 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

Just a little glitch. All you have to do is click the X to close the warning and you’re good to go!


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Promo is for Basecamp yoyos, not YYF yoyos. I suspect that’s the issue here. Yes, the Flight WAS a basecamp yoyo at one point. But it has since become part of the YYF lineup.

So probably Andre’s call on this one. I suspect that the idea was for the promo to apply to the other Basecamp throws.


Also, perhaps more importantly, the “4THOFJULY” 15% off code should still work through the end of today. So you can use that instead.

I’m an idiot. This code was through the 5th and not the 7th. Would you believe that is the second 4th of july sale coupon that I’ve misread the ending date on this year and didn’t order in time?

That said, @AndreBoulay should probably pull the sale banner off the YYE front page since it is still up.


Yes, that is what I saw late yesterday when checking my cart again. Before that, there was a -$7.49 discount applied under the subtotal, don’t remember the exact wording but that is how I found out about the promo. Too bad I guess my indecisiveness about the purchase has cost me in the end.

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