Andre boulay's birthday code

how do i use the code?

i dont remember there being a mention of any code…

Me neither! OMG what did you win?

it’s on their google plus account

it was on facebook

Once you have selected what you want and it’s in the cart, and once you have gone through all the pages having to do with purchasing (personal info, shipping info, payment info), you’ll be on the final page where you are instructed to confirm your order. It is on that page where there is a field for a “coupon code”. That’s where you can enter the code.

So what is the code? Some of us don’t have every social network available, and we ought not be excluded from promotions because of it. That’s kind of messed up.

Sometimes companies have promotions specifically on certain media platforms. No need to be bitter.

Furthermore, their Facebook can be accessed whether or not you have one. So you don’t need “every social network available”. Check for yourself:

the code is “BIRTHDAY” lol.

Not bitter. Just an opinion.

If I was bitter, the comment wouldn’t have been on the forums, I would’ve called and left a voicemail at the office. Thank you for the code. Chalk up one more sale this weekend.

Yeah, I actually do have Facebook, but I wasn’t signed in and could still see the page. I just searched for “Yoyoexpert Facebook” and found it. I’m pretty sure they have it set to be totally public, so anything they post there is visible to anyone. So don’t sweat it, Skinny! You don’t need to join the ranks! :smiley:

I actually still have a Facebook, but I don’t use it and don’t frequent the site whatsoever due to not using it.

All I’m thinking is that promotions drive sales, sales drive profits and profits drive company growth. Therefore narrowing the audience of a promotion is counterintuitive for business. Like I said, just an opinion. No need to agree with it. Haha.

Thanks for the support Mike!

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I just appreciate that he did this. Did anyone use the code? If so, what did you get?

I decided to try that C3 Gungnir. I’ve been thinking about that one for awhile.

I had good intentions but I forgot about it until after midnight. But I bought this anyway…

Been eyeing the slasher and with the coupon I had no choice but to pull the trigger!

oh and got a jetset ec? or eg? I forget lol.

You’re going to love the Slasher. And if you dont… let me know. :wink:

So did anybody ever figure out what the code did? Did I miss something really big? ;D

15% off, only during the weekend, if you entered the “birthday” code.

Sorry about that guys! Meant to get that posted on the forum and it was unfortunately over looked! We are going to make sure that happens next time… Any maybe just run a ‘special’ one for the forum crowd! :slight_smile: