I don’t feel like typing a lot right now but just wanted to make a small remark.

I feel my barracuda can outplay my Cliff but my Gnarwhal is funner than both.



I feel the same way.

The Cliff feels like a casual/fun yoyo. Slow, big, but still a good performer.

Gnarwal is simply small, and as a result, you get the limitatios in spin that goes with smaller stuff.

However, I don’t feel either the Cliff or Gnarwal were designed for competition as the primary function. I could see the Gnarwal being a good competition yoyo though. The Barracuda is designed for 1A, 5A and 3A competition, so yeah, it should be expected to perform a lot better. I did have issue with my Barracuda bearing and swapped it out with a One Drop 10 Ball and it was all better.


Well the Cliff was designed for Petra to use in competitions :wink: I love mine so much though, plays fantastic floats through the air just a very good we’ll rounded throw.


Yeah I realized what I was saying was obvious to some. Although sometimes I will see people asking to compare apples and oranges like I just did. Even with what i said I use the Cliff more than the other because I like the way it feels. And I also switched out my bearing on the Barracuda, it is a lot more forgiving now.

It is all very opinion based. There are just so many yoyo’s out and they are all so well made.