Barking Spider Gummies

Anyone out there used these yet? Are they worth picking up?

…what are you talking about???

On the subject… nope! I would like to try some, but I don’t have any suitable yo-yos to try them in. They really look pretty thick to me, too thick for a Duncan, say. I’m really behind on pads, I finally just got some Kentaros for my Project. :stuck_out_tongue:

~yo! shi!

Uhm, i’ve never really heard of them. They look pretty good. I would say get them. I never tried them so if there bad, don’t blame me. :o


Typically, most pads on the market today are worth getting, imho. I haven’t tried any that aren’t worth it, (well besides using two chaz pads in the same yo-yo) I would try them out, like I said, if I had a suitable yo-yo. Pads are definitely not expensive. Besides if they don’t work out too well, you can use them with another kind of pad in a yo-yo, and that’d would probably pick off where the Gummies don’t work so well. I’d try them in a yo-yo that has a recess though.

~yo! shi!

The info on site says that they work well on recessed and flush yo-yos. I wouldn’t use those on normal response because they are AS TWICE AS THICK as thick Dif-e-pads. ‘Normal’ yo-yos would get as responsive as the rubber-ball-attached-to-a-paddle-with-a-string-game. (What’s it called?)

They are a bargain, though.

lol that game is called paddle ball. I remember playing with one when i was 7, i owned so bad, my string broke and i cried.

good times, good times…

But i don’t know anything about pads sorry :frowning:

Oh I played Paddle Ball when I was about 6 and I used to hit my brother with it and got in trouble. :-[