Baping/half-and-halving different yoyos


I’ve been experimenting with Baping, by combining halves of different yoyos together. Right now, my go-to throw is a Proton/Positron bape, and it plays amazingly. I’ve also had some fun with a Supernova/Genesis, and a LOT of crazy horizontals with a ROCKStar/POPStar.

Does anyone else do this? What cool combinations have you found?


Essence/torrent 2


Maybe someone can enlighten me, why is switching halves of different yo-yos called “baping”? I understand the term comes from Bathing Ape but I don’t understand it’s use in this context. I’ve heard it used in reference to the Bapezilla and it’s associated color scheme, but the usage to refer to different halves (not just different colors) doesn’t make sense to me.


Baping is a reference to the Bapezilla, where they take two differently colored halves and use them together. For lack of a better term, I call both Baping. I’m open to new suggestions though, because I’ve been asked this a number of times now.


What about ‘changing teams’? That makes sense.

Baping should only be referred to as blue-greening a yoyo.


Baping is just blue greening


thats the only thing it is so yes


←my favorite color scheme to the left


Its funny how much everyone is more concerned with the term baping than the actual combining of two different halved throws. scratches head


I guess I just don’t see the point of it - the idea has been around for decades, the “pagoda” shape was a common configuration of the No-Jive 3-in-1. What’s to be gained from mixing halves of different yo-yos? Even if you managed to get a perfect match of size and weight combinations, you’ve still just got a weird looking yo-yo.

  1. It’s fun to experiment
  2. Some combinations are surprisingly more comfortable for 5a.


Half 6061 super g and half 7075 super g #kevinnicholas #nats2012