bangkok thrower shop?

Heya I might not be at the right place but I am in bangkok right now and looking for a shop to get a yoyo, anybody know where I can find one ??

Cmon help me outtt

None that I know of, dude.

I usually grab what I need online through international sellers.

There is one local online shop that I know of, but they carry mainly Something and regional brands - a very small selection though.

What are you looking for?

Ummm, it’s not like a lot of people on here live there… :wink:

Yes I know bot alot of People from there, but I guess there must be at least à place that sell them…well I hope.And Bobby I am just looking for a good un responsive yoyo wanted to pratice while traveling but forgot mine at home😧

I would try to find hobby shops and toy stores then. :slight_smile:

I would try to find hobby shops and toy stores then.

That is what I am trying to do but as I saw are cheap one :confused:

Your are only going to find some basic Duncans and maybe Auldey/Blazing Teens in the stores. You are not going to find any accessories either (like lube, bearings or strings).

If you are going to be in Bangkok long enough, then order online.

Feel free to message me for details.