Bad trading experience with I6ify made right

I’ll start with the good things. It was a fast transaction with great communication. Very easy and he was very pleasant to work with. I just cane back from a vacation in france expecting to see a great new throw.Here’s were I was disappointed. The skywalker came in a random candle box with what I thought was decent packaging. The yoyo came all strung up and ready to go. I threw it down. The skywalker was totally vibey on the string and on grinds. It vibes to a point were if you look closely enough at it you could see it vibrate. Wen buying this throw I asked if there was any vibe and he said no. That was clearly a lie.I bundled it up and threw it down again. The bind was not snappy and was very loose. I threw it down again and to my surprise the yoyo went skyrocketing down. I quickly unscrewed it and saw the pa had fallen out. The pads were not the one drop pads that were suppose to come with it. Instead they came with hard black pads that barely work. I saw the reason for the pads falling out was that a silicone job had been hastily removed. There were tons of little specs of red silicone which I had to spend an hour removing. Now I have to order brand new pads for my skywalker. And today I was comparing the axle of this skywalker to my 1 st one and found that he had given me a longer axle. Tht I most likely the cause of all the vibe . So let me give a recap he sold me a vibey yoyo, lie to me, gave me a different axle, put faulty pad in it, and did no remove the silicone correctly. This was a bad trading experience.

update: I6ify contacted me yesterday with this message:

"I’m sorry you were disappointed with the Skywalker, I’d like to pay for the pads you order.

I am historically bad with judging vibe, which is not an excuse for you being dissatisfied, but often throws that feel “pretty smooth” to me, vibe in another’s opinion.

If you would like to, feel free to ship it back to me, I will return your money and pay for the return shipping.

As for the pads, I was not aware that they were not stock pads, I received the yoyo in the exact condition it was shipped to you, the pads being one of the problems I had with it. There would have been a description in my BST thread, but you bought the yoyo within 20 minutes of me posting it and I hadn’t bothered to update it yet.

So I get that I screwed up, and I’d like to make it right.

So once again, I can return your money if you’d like, or if you’d prefer, I could make the difference up in cash, to an amount you feel is fair."


he payed for the pads and the damage done today. even though he messed up, he made it right and showed his true character. he is a nice guy and i have the utmost respect for him.

Saying that there was no vibe while there was is not ok, but aren’t you being a bit picky? Silicone isn’t that big of a deal, maybe he’s just bad at silicone. And the longer axle, could he have lost the old axle? Other than the vibe, all these details are pretty small.

completely agree. all the other things are you just being severely picky. If there is a bad vibe and he told you it was smooth then that isnt okay. Have you contacted him about this?

I have not yet contacted him. Yes he told me there was no vibe which was a straight out lie. There is even a tiny bit o wobble slightly visible. While playing with it you can feel it vibe on th string. I expected to get the throw as if it were brand new. Instead I found a bad silicone job, pads that fall out after one throw and to top that off a longer axle. To me those details are not small.

Honestly i think you should’ve contacted him first about this situation before going public with it. Ruining someones reputation without actually giving them a chance to hear whats wrong is kinda immature.

I know it’s really immature and I’m actin kind of dushey but I am really mad. I made thiS thread partially because I am totally pissed but also because I am looking forguidance on what to do next. I have never had a trade like this before.

What you do next is what you probably should have done in the first place. Contact I6ify.

It’s possible that the loose pad was causing some or all of the vibe.

Deuschy is what your looking for. Guy on ebay “lied” to me as well. Went right to neg feedback and he wasn’t happy. Tell the truth the first time and things would be different is what I say. I would not have even bid on it if the description would have mentioned about it.

I feel your well within your bounds to be upset. Nothing worse than paying for something that’s not the way it should be.

Have you tried tuning it? You seem to be kind of picky and immature otherwise in your reaction so I want to make sure you’ve at least tried tuning it.

Well he should have described it a little better but you are quite picky is sounds like.

1st run Sky Walkers had 1/2" axles

everything from that point onward has been a smaller axle.

He still owes me some money or a northstar.

Ah well.

I gave him negative feedback listing all the problems I had with the trade. I have not yet got a response. The loose pad could be part of what’s making it vibe but at the moment I don’t have any spare pad that fit. I am going to get it silicones on Saturday though. I will give you am update on I this kills the vibe. No I have not tried tuning it. I only got 2 throws before the pa fell out. 1st throw checked vibe. Second throw I checked for vibe again thinking that my 1st throw was off. 3rd throw pad came off. Also do us mean tuning it with Teflon tape or just screwing the axle in differently? Also I’ve only had this throw for 1.5 days. I really don’t think I am picky to want to get a throw as it is described. I mean he sold me a throw with vibe, and pads thrown over many pieces ad silicone. Also Heath thank you for telling me about the axle. I really thought he had given me a wrong axle too. I honestly did not know that the 1st run axles were larger than the 2nd. To caribou nick: who owes you a north star and money?