Back from the dead

(Levi Neal) #41

Thank you for the welcome back.
Are there any plans for another run of the bliss? I love the design but not the color still in stock.
Can you tell me why it’s such a great throw? I’m stuck between it and the kuntosh.

(SF Yoyos) #42

Our whole thing is -not- telling you it’s such a great throw and letting you decide if you’d like it on your own without a description packed full of buzzwords. Planning on maybe a short return of Wainbow.

In the meantime go ahead and try the Kuntosh, it’s a fun time.

(Levi Neal) #43

Ok you sold me by not selling my. I really respect that business model. Glad to see you not trying to brag even when given the opportunity.

Honestly just shocked by your response

Also love the look of the wainbow.


That’s Ess Eff for you. Ess doesn’t need to hype himself up, other people do it for him


Insufficient self deprecation, should have said “well, our yo-yos really aren’t all that great anyway to be honest with you, try the Kuntosh instead”

(SF Yoyos) #46

keep it neutral, baby


Would you say it’s time for a …



Let me know when you’re ready to design my signature throw. It needs to be real good at hard sleepers, and binds.

(Justin Thompson) #48

@codinghorror forgot one other necessity. His signature _must be impeccable at acheiving the most Hardcore of PINWHEELS.

(From the cranky old folks home) #49

Ummm, back in “the day” $100 was a very expensive yoyo. Top of the line dif-e-yo, anti-yo, hspin and spyy models were $65-$80.

(Just some old goat...) #50

JHB? Man, they’ll let anyone into this forum… :smiley:

(Just some old goat...) #51

I’ve been out of the scene for a while, but have been looking around for a new throw. I just wish I could find something as magical as the Freehand 1313.

(Levi Neal) #52

Yeah but shortly after that I remember many yoyos being 120. If I recall 888s were and kinda set that trend. I spent 140 on ilyys. So I figured 150 was the norm now. Happy it isn’t. Back then a 40 dollar metal was a fh metal(trash).

(From the cranky old folks home) #53

Ummm, yes, so it would seem… :radioactive:

Glad to see you back

(From the cranky old folks home) #54

Seems to me 888s were more in the $80 range initially as limit was $80 when they first came out. It pained me to have to go $90 for an spyy addict.

(Levi Neal) #55

Shout out to the way back machine.

Edit. I hope posting a dead store is ok. This just took me back. Also the yodel 888 is a beauty.

Edit edit. Damn I’m that guy who uses the way back machine to prove his point about yoyos ten years ago.


The Starry Night 888 in black was my first $100+ yoyo purchase. I still have it today!

Shark vs Zombie Beaver BvM is one I regret letting go. Such a cool colorway.

(From the cranky old folks home) #57

Ummm, yeah but when the 888 came out in 2007 it wasn’t at the price shown in the pics. Those are special editions jacked up in price.

(shubham) #58

In 1a Which yoyo you want plastic or metal?

(Levi Neal) #59

Ok here is more research I have done. It looks like it was released at 100 dollars and sold out very quickly if my memory from when I was 14 is not too garbage. Then it was sold at 120. Regardless of this I think my photos have shown that yoyos where more starting around that time. I purchased a difeyo gto for 75 then after that is when throws where frequently over 100. I feel that hitting the 100 dollar price and exceeding it is a big mental barrier for consumers. I’m not trying to start an argument but I feel around this time there was a definite increase in yoyo prices and what the consumer was willing to pay. I think the popularity of the 888 played a role in this.


I was referring to the time back when the OP was actively buying yoyos. If he was assuming a $150 budget, I just assumed that they were more expensive then than now. As for my “back in the day”, it was 1998 and I was a kid, so I never spent more than $30 on a yoyo. I thought the Black Mamba was the best yoyo to be had. I got back into yoyoing last year, forgive my ignorance.