Back from the dead


Im guessing that back in the day you had to spend more to get a good yoyo? Nowadays, the typical price point for high-end yoyos is right around the $100 mark. The higher you go above that, the more diminishing the returns are (for the most part. Ive never tried anything from YYR).

Also, im not sure what strings you used to use, but boutique strings are now quite popular and imo are much better than bulk strings (feel better, last longer).


The One DropXStatic Parlay seems right down your alley! Fairly small yoyo, very light feeling on the string while being a great performer. Not all that expensive either at about $75.

(Levi Neal) #23

I was looking at parlay. What do you think of it compared to the overture or rebirth. I really enjoy my project. It’s crazy how much one drop has grown as a company.

I got nice strings when I played in 2013. Before that I used good old yoyonation neon strings. One again it’s cool to see the growth of string companies.


Haven’t tried the Overture, but it is a much larger yoyo. Parlay is about 53mm, Overture is 56mm. The Rebirth is exactly what it was meant to be, a better, modern Project. I personally really liked it when I played one. A bit more on the light feeling side, not too heavy. I do prefer the Parlay however. Parlay is very light feeling on the string, but is very stable and breezes through tricks.


The GenXs is an undersized yoyo, coming in at 50mm - the same diameter as the original 888. I like how it plays.

(Jacob Waugh) #26

Overture is really fun but not a lot of people like it, slightly oversized, huge axle nubs, etc. I like having the long axle (smoother, doesn’t strip) and it plays very solid.


Can’t go wrong with project rebirth or parlay. I have a mint red project rebirth I have been looking to sell if you want.

(Levi Neal) #28

I have a project unless you mean a rebirth or project 2.


Sorry I meant rebirth, the new one.

(Levi Neal) #30

How does it compare to the kuntosh?


Kuntosh is way way larger. Not undersized by any stretch of the imagination. The K is a fantastic yo-yo, one of the top 5 onedrops ever in my book.

(G2 Jake) #32

I’d jump back in with a full size. There’s reasons not many undersized are made currently.

(Levi Neal) #33

I’m not super worried about undersized just a preference. I’m really looking for a yoyo to show me how far they have come. How much would you want for the rebirth.

(G2 Jake) #34

If you want to stick with OD look at the Kuntosh QV500, valor, or and overture (more old school still) well help you see the difference from back then to now.

Rebirth / parlay aren’t going to show you the difference they are more on par with the stuff from 2013 when you stopped back last time.

(Levi Neal) #35

It doesn’t need to be od. Anything else you would recommend?


I definitely would not recommend any G2 those things are awful

it’s a joke! They are all amazing!


So if you want to truly see/feel/understand how much things have changed, I would recommend a modern bi-metal yo-yo. I have a very strong preference to the SF Bliss, but several people here have suggested the Hummingbird. IMHO I feel the Bliss has more character. Otherwise, a very “2018” style mono-metal throw would be the SF Cadence. There’s a pretty big reason SF’s yo-yos have dominated the competitive scene… They’re very well designed for today’s style of yo-yo play. Other notable designs that would keep with this mentality would be the SF Ceasefire, Smashing Float, YYF Edge and YYF Shutter WideAngle.

If you want to keep with the Organic design, the YYR Anomaly would probably be the closest to modern design. Mythril Flux would definitely fall along these lines as well but is quite a bit lighter than the Anomaly. Although lighter would be more in line with today’s style of play.


I 2nd everything @yomeister just said.

Playing with a modern bimetal will really show you how much things have changed.

I recommended the Hummingbird as a 2nd throw if you want to play it safe for your first throw with something with a more old school vibe(OD Classic) but dipping right into it could be a great choice if you want to see what’s changed. Then you can form your own opinion.


You can’t go wrong with the Kuntosh (but favor the 7075 version) or the Hummingbird :ok_hand:

(SF Yoyos) #40

Oh thanks yomeister

Welcome back to yoyo, Turd Ferguson.