Back after 12 years

Boy things have really changed. Needing some advice about tuning up some older yo-yos. I’ve got a Dif-E-Yo sportster, wide sportster, YoYoJam Hitman, Speeder, Lyn-fury, Oxy 4, Freehands’ and some Buzz-on that wooble and a few more I can’t remember. I bought a Shutter and boy have things gotten better. Any advice is advice is appreciated.


My advice is not more 12 year long breaks. :slight_smile:

Yoyoing is fun keep at it

Hurt my hand and could not throw for awhile

All the hip kids are into fingerspins, horizontal play, and brent stoles

Hey Rockdog200, good to see you back. In a lot of respects, what you have is still good, but then what do I know.

i would suggest watching alot of old yoyonews videos to get caught up on what has happened.

also this site is great for tutorials:

look around to the bunches of different companies that have come about in the past few years.

Also look at the other threads that people have made about coming back, there is some good info in those.

you got dif-e-yo…you’re all set :slight_smile:



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WOW. Welcome back!

Check out to get a feel for what’s happening at the moment. There are a ton of fantastic yoyos in the $40 - $60 price range these days that outplay just about everything from  back in the day. The equipment now is crazy, but then so are the tricks so…yeah.

Welcome back to the hobby

Looks at title of post facepalm