(Jerry) #1

Sooo who’s going to BAC? I might go but im not making any promises… if not I’ll just try to watch it on ESPN or something like that.


i shall be there.


I’m going!!! so does Jayyo.

Happy Throwing! =]


Is it really gonna be on ESPN?


i doubt it, but i have not been before so i would not know.


I am going.


I would go if it was in Minnesota :smiley: :smiley:

(system) #8

I’m going, I know you people all want to meet me… Not…

(VincentD) #9

See everyone there!

(Jei Cheetah) #10

I will be there!

I doubt it will be on ESPN though.

Hope to see you all there!

(Chris Allen) #11

What to Look for at BAC - Over at

I wish I could go :-[

(Yin) #12

Man I would love to go and rep YYE…

Lame I don’t have the money…maybe I could get up there…but hotel rooms…NO WAY!

I want to be rich lol…


(system) #13

No doubt, I’m buying a Peak, Hectic, or 2nd run 5-star.


i really need to get some money, i want to buy a pure and a large bearing Hectic.

this is going to be soooo AWESOME!


I hope they’re selling gloves, I need some.

(system) #16


(Mitch) #17

Check a tux shop, they wont have any name brands on them (Not yoyo ones at least)
But I bet you can get em kinda cheap


technacly,they are billiards gloves :wink: