Might go to BAC!!!


I’m 13, and my family is basically against yoyoing. They find it extremely annoying (that doesn’t stop me!) so I pretty much knew I could not go to BAC. But my mom told me she would drive me (about 1 hour drive) if I could write a song before we left (I’m a musician and have written a few songs). This is quite exiting for me to get to go to a contest, maybe meet some pros (does that happen?) so I am working. Just thought I’d share! (That was a lot of parentheses wasn’t it?)


Awesome dude! Yes, there are professionals.

Btw, you can test out the new OD proto of you find a team member.

Also, if you follow One Drop on Instagram they will show pics for clues on how to find their stands set up in random places, and if you find them you get a free yoyo!


I’ve been following for a while!


Awesome dude! If anyone want to meet me (lol) im a fat 13 year old filipino.

And yes, pros are easily accesible and yoyo with the rest of us :wink:


looks at user name

You are now the Filipino Cartman


Haha could I get some more info on this free yoyo thing? I’m interested…




(^ ^)b

If I can ditch my Fanime group, I’ll be the guy in the Big Bad Wolf poker shirt, probably rocking a blue/brass spike Yelets, and Blue/Gold DM2.


This is good. Taking your parents to a contest totally changes their mind set about yo-yoing.




Haha I’ll be a 13 year old, light brown haired, 5’5" kid, probably throwing a Capless with a ridiculously loud bearing. I’m not too good, you might catch me with a boing-e-boing and a few kwijibos, maybe a yuuki slack here and there or something :stuck_out_tongue: I will probably be bouncing around booth to booth, giant smile on my face, even with no money, just because I will be able to see everything and maybe try a few throws on my wants list :smiley:


Have fun there man.


Yes, have fun!