BAC Rollcall


I will be there and trading!


I got my whole club going! Will be bringing a rare throw too. ;D


Ill be there :wink:


I will be there from az


Dang. That’s pretty far. I live in the Bay Area, so I don’t have to drive far.


I will be there.


ill be there :slight_smile:


I’ll be there!


Meeeee ill be trading up a storm!


Darn I can’t make it this week :’(


Noooooo but you have to come!!!


im gonna try man
my gf even wants to go to BAC


Bring your CLYWs! Since you have so many… :’(. I want to try some of them though.


pfhaha that’s so funny
there collectors bro
and I wouldn’t want cha to ding mah yo lol
I do have some I that are for throwing, .


I’m going! I’ll be wearing a Capital T-shirt. Look for me! And say hi! Should I bring my collection?


Im on my way right now! Im wearing a BRIGHT neon green Capital YoYo shirt and my wife is wearing a pink Capital shirt and we have a little chunky baby lol find us and say hi! I have my bst with me too!




Sad news :’(
didn’t make it
Had to stay home and babysit with GF :’(