BAC Roll Call!


Who am I going to see at BAC this month? Holler if your going!


Gonna be out of the country then :(. I’m for sure going to worlds though, so I’m pretty excited for that!


You’ll see me


I’ll be there (Saturday).

Dunno if you guys are aware but BAC is a 2-day event this year, prelims are on a Friday and finals on Saturday. Friday’s location is TBD but Saturday will be at the usual location.

Can’t wait!


Hmmm, i did not know that, im planning on being there all day Saturday but I doubt ill be there on friday.


Yea I have to work that Friday anyway and by the time I’d get home, it would be too late, plus the lovely Friday Bay Area traffic.


I probably won’t make it Friday as I have dialysis. But I will definitely be there Saturday all day. Looking forward to meeting up with a few ppl from here.


You’ll see me there! Or not… don’t know anyone from the West Coast, being from Florida and all haha


I’ll see you there, look forward to meeting you. PM what you look like. Its always nice meeting forum members.


How about we post pictures of our cases and we can make a compendium of users names to their cases. Because, lets face it, sending a selfie to a random person is awkward.


that could work. although a lot of people might have the same case. -I would say you could spot me by my jacket, but it might be way to hot to wear one. If I am wearing one, it will be a fallout 4 blue and yellow jacket. with the number 111 on the back. Also go by the name Colby.


I was thinking more the contents of the case than a picture of the outside, it would be rare for someone to have the same exact yoyos, ill be trading a lot anyway.


I’ll either be carrying my smaller YYE case or larger YYJ case, may also have a Disney backpack with a bunch of pins on it.

I pretty much look like this strange person :slight_smile:


gotcha. I don’t trade, and I find it would be rather difficult to spot what someone is carrying inside their bag when its zipped up as they walk around but we will figure something out.


I am sorely addicted to trading, although this is going to be a light year for me because I’m getting to the point where I have only a few that I am willing to trade.


If you are going to BAC or already there, then come say high to us. My name is Colby and my fiancée name is Carly. We always enjoy meeting new throwers we never met before and meeting up with those we already know. Here’s what we look like. Don’t be afraid to come up to us and say hi.


BAC, literally the day I leave San Fran. If only…