BAC Picture Thread!

I got this idea after seeing YoyoSpirits “NER Picture Thread”.

So, yeah. We dont know how we look like so post a picture of yourself here so if anyone sees you at BAC, we can hit you up.


Note: I probably won’t have a beanie on, but I will have black/grey Converse glasses on. I will also have a YYJ Case and a Black Star Case.


No one?

I’ll be running sound at the main stage for all or part of the day. My hat and T-shirt will say Studio42, as well as my belt and silicone wrist band. I might be ordering more shirts and hats for my crew. I gotta talk to them about what colors they want.

theroybit will most likely be running my gear for sound for pre-lims.

I’m gonna be pretty darn busy most of the day. I will have the collection with me. I should have a complete set of GSquared goodness and many other choice items(CLYW, OD, loads of other goodies).


I think its a good enough time to bump,…