BAC 2010

And shorter vimeo version with some different footage.

Thanks for sharing! Watching as I type LOL

edit, after watching ;D

just WOW, some intense stuff! Never seen anything like that, thanks so much for sharing.

That was fun. Good times. Got to try a Y-Factor for the whole day. Paul Dang is a really nice guy. Also nice video!

nice vid a bunch of yoyoers in it well put together

it makes me wish i was at bac…

Sorry. It was an awesome contest with all my favorite yoyoers and yoyos and stuff. Don’t mean to make you feel bad or anything. Sorry. :’(

haha, it’s all good, i was reffering to the video, but for the most part i was glad i watched it. Gonna have to get myself to a yoyo contest one of these days… wonder when ohio state yoyo contest is coming…

Anthonny Rojas can Astrojack!!!

Yeah! Anthony used to be quite active on the old AJ forums back around 06 ish and has tons of skills.
So does Juan Renteria!

WOnderful, you always have the best videos of contests ;D

Nice vid! Why am I not in that vid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

HAHA! I was in there 3 times! HAHA!