B/S/T question

It seems like most of the Ads don’t follow all of the B/S/T rules. Are we supposed to be reporting all things that don’t follow all the rules?

For Example:
Lets say someone made a B/S/T, and they had all of the info, but forgot to put up a picture.
Or what if someone forgot to put up an approximate asking price?
Are we supposed to be reporting that?

Reporting everything would certainly make the B/S/T a lot easier to use, but then there may be no selling threads left. ???

As far as pictures go some people dont have access to a camera, which really only hurts them, because that makes it hard to believe they have the yoyo yanno? Or maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it.

And the price thing, alot of pleople like to get offers, they may not know exactly how much the yoyo is worth and they dont want to price it soo high it wont sell, or lowball themselves…

These are two things that are a bit annoying, but are barable…

Use your best judgement. The mods do look through the BST, but if you see something that you feel would violate the REASON why a certain rule exists then you should report it. That’s my take on it.

Also, this may be a topic better suited for the site improvements section ^^

I havn’t seen any rule violations. And like ElendilAndurilz said, this is in the wrong section. So this is acually violating the rules. Might want to move it. :wink:

~James Reed!