b Grade Forte

What do you guys think of my b grade Forte. Got it at canadian nationals, I bealive it was only 1 of 4 made got it from Jeremy. Jeremy also told me that if they mess up the paint they repaint them but they decided to sell these ones. Here is a picture of it it does have paint issues but has zero vibe. How rare or how much do you think this forte is worth.

Nice yoyo but your punctuation skills need serious attention. Believe it or else, it makes reading someone’s work so much more enjoyable, as well as understandable.

edit: Thanks for taking the time to fix it.

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Wow that’s awesome.

It’s a B-grade. It has a flaw. It was not fit for normal retail. It is only ‘rare’ in the sense that they didn’t make a lot that were mistakes.

Yoyos aren’t like coins or stamps where misprint and errors are worth a lot more than face value. What you have is a fine playing yoyo that I suspect you got at a pretty good price (since it’s not an A-grade). It’s worth about what you paid for it, probably less since it’s used, possibly more if someone doesn’t want to drop ~$135 for an A-grade.