B grade yoyos

Are b grade yoyos worth it?


Most definitely!

My go to players are b-grades. As long as you’re ok with potential ano imperfections or a little bit of vibe you can pick up a bargain!


YES!! I love the yoyofactory A-May-zing B-grade sale I look forward to it every year.

It’s a great way to try out many styles and shapes you may not otherwise consider.


B-Grade is for Bar-Gain my friend. A-grade tend to be either more collectible, retain value or demonstrate the consistency of quality represented by a brand.

but if you don’t care, b-grades save ya BigGuap

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Plus it’s a good distraction during the work day.


I snagged a B-grade Memento from Mike Monty last week and have to say it’s currently one of my favorite yoyos. If anything ever happens to it I would totally grab another at full price. Like @dam720 has said – being able to try different styles and shapes for a bargain is great!


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B grades rock. Well worth it.


I’m always hoping to see b grade versions of models I love so I can snag more for less $. B grades are fantastic. If you want a pristine collector’s piece then you won’t be happy. but if you’re looking to ya know, yoyo, then B grades are where it’s at!

question then,
which one would you recommend out out of these
too hot
nine dragons
i’m going to get the b grade version by the way but I don’t know which one to pick

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Do you have a favorite yoyo right now?
Are you looking for something similar to that yoyo, or something different than what you already have?

All of those yoyos are good throws, so knowing what you’re looking for will help narrow it down.

I will say up front, while I think the Nine Dragons is really cool, it’s a little gimmicky, and if you were planning on getting only one, I would not suggest that be the one.

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taking that off the list

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Horizon is a great all rounder that’ll be great for fingerspins

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Luckily the yoyo companies selling here have pretty high integrity. The B grades they sell are actually pretty good. I’m guessing the really bad yoyos get recycled.

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yep, definitely. usually the b-gradeyness doesn’t effect play much

ill give you a short answer, yes, your welcome my guy :grin: