My gnarwhal 2s axle wont screw all the way together. What should I do???

Inspect the threads for cross thread evidence, such as aluminum shavings in the threads. Check out the bearing seat on both halves to make sure the bearing fully seats. If it’s not the axle or the seats you may have to find someone who knows what they are doing and clean the threads out with a tap. Good luck.

it is definitely the axle, when I unscrew the yoyo, the axle wont come out even if i try pliers of something. This happened to both CLYW’s I own but not to anything else

If it is imperative to get it out, try warming the half in the oven on its lowest setting only long enough to be warm to the touch. The aluminum will expand slightly and maybe let loose of the axle. You only want it warm not hot. I have done this before with success. Remember that aluminum cools quickly so you have to work fast. Do at your own risk… As a last resort. Good Luck

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Pliers will most likely mess up the threads which will then make it hard to screw together. I would avoid them if you can or use some cloth/rubber to protect the axle if you have to use pliers. You may just need a new axle if the pliers have already messed up the threads.

Did you purchase the yo-yo from us? if you did, give us a call or send an email and we can help you out.

If Garret is willing to work with you on this go that, better than messing up a good throw