Axle Treatments?

(InvaderDust) #1

Do you do anything to your axles?
Do you ever clean them or lube them? Do you use teflon tape or loctite?Or do you leave them dry and stock to float around all willy nilly?
What are your axle preferences?

I usually use a tiny tiny drop of blue loctite on one side, and sometimes ill put a tiny bit of monkey finger lube for conditioning the raw (black) steel ones (opposite side of the loctie’d side after its cured of course). If i notice anything black on my string or finger when i (or the string) touches it, ill clean with alcohol.

Just wondering what other people thought about or did to theirs.


nothing. ever.


I never have, but I think I need to try the Loctite on my old 555. The axle moves all over the place, and I’m scared one day I won’t notice it’s too far to one side, and I’ll strip out the other yo half.


Heard purple loctite (don’t think you need anything stronger) is better for tuning than plumber’s tape (which is kinda finicky)

(InvaderDust) #5

Purple is the lowest strength, also ideal for RC applications, but its rather rare, as most dont know about it. Good call!