axle stripped all the way down

The axle got sick in my yoyo. Grabbed the pliers and twisted. And twisted… now I can’t even get s grip on it. Not buying another yoyo, I need to know how to get this non existent 1mm axle out of my Dazzler like asap!

TY for Any help

Oh man a dazzler? Sucks

If your willing to take this route, and you bought your dazzler from yoyoexpert im sure if you send it too them they would help you out, i had 2 yoyos that were stripped that they fixed for me for free.

You would just have to mail it to them is all ><. other than that i have no way to help you D:.

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Hmm, try this:

  1. Put yoyo in freezer for a few minutes.
  2. Grab a wide rubber band and wrap that around axle.
  3. Pliers.

Hopefully the different rates of metal contraction + extra grip afforded by the rubber band will help. If not, I guess the only choice is to do as FLUFFALO said.

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I think you’ll get a better grip w/o the rubber band. Try a pair of vice grips to grab it. No doubt if it’s stuck that bad you may end up galling the threads in any event.

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Since the axle was already shot, grip the axle with the sharp part of the pliers that is usually used to cut wires, the cutter will dig into the axle, should be easy to remove.