axle problem????

i am having a duncan bumblebee.its axle is kind ofmoving side ways and up down when i open it up.
is that some kind of problem or its a normal??
if its a prob. pls help me fix it :-[

That’s normal for Duncans. The axle is a stock screw that fits through the bearing seat. It’s not attached to the yoyo body.

Is it just moving around? Or is it causing problems with screwing in/preformance/etc. ???

It is normal, but if your having other issues there are proper methods to fixing them.

its only moving wen its unscrewed not wen screwed.and i dont think its causing a problem in playing.

It’s like they said. It’s not attached to the yoyo. It’s merely a bolt resting in a spot designed for it, not “nested” into the body.

thanx ;D ;D ;D

Now go learn some tricks!