Axiom vs Meteor vs 888

Hi, can someone post some pictures of an 888, axiom and meteor side by side, comparing the height, width and gap width?(Throw a dark magic into the photo so that i can scale them!) I wanna see how their sizes compare to each other.

Also, can you tell me which one is best for grinds, thumb grinds, whips and lacerations? Thanks in advanced ;D!

I cant answer all your questions but I can tell you that I love my Axiom! :wink:

BUT personally I !HATE! 888’s, I do not like them one bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to say 888. The shape feels so good in your hand, and it play’s so smooth. The hubstacks are awsome also. If you like undershaped yo-yo’s get the 888.


lols i gotta see some pictures man! I wanna see a comparison of all of their sizes :frowning: Btw, do you have an axiom? Any comparisons :(?

I don’t have an axiom. I would love too compare them for you, just don’t have the Axiom.

I just got a 888 yesterday, and I can’t Grind with it - the hubstacks get in the way. I’ve got a BvM that I learned to grind with, so maybe I’m spoiled =) The 888 is a perfect size for me - it’s slightly undersized, which brings my hand happy joy fun time bliss.

Haven’t used any of the others.

You dont have meteor–

But I would guess either DocRobot or OldSchool has these 3 yoyos. (This is a random guess)

No, I don’t have Meteor or Axiom. Tried both from friend of mine, and never really liked the feel too much. So I never invested in them. I will however try to find some comparison pics for ya, if I do I’ll post them.

I really dont like Axioms. They feel sloppy to me. I like 888’s, but it really depends on what edition you get. 09’s are too heavy, I wish they were lighter by 1-2g. Here are pics:
Question: Does that specific links lead to the 3 yoyos? Cause Im not sure it if works  :-\

No, it just takes you to YYN main page. I’ve been trying to find links to but to no avail.

No, because it uses PHP. I can’t really explain it well, but it will only remember what you put in on your computer unless…Yeah, I’m having trouble explaining this. :-\

Okay - I got you covered. I made a word document with the pictures. They arent exact, because I had to tweak it a little to make it fit on the same line, but it should do.

Thanks Samad!

Oh well, i went to the yoyo shop, and i got a meteor. lol, the comparison is out of scale, but thanks samad.

Sloppy?!?! sloppy??!!?! How could you. I guess you must have played a defective one or something. ???

I’ve played a variety of Axioms.

Mine is as smooth as butter. ::slight_smile:

I never said they werent smooth. I said they felt sloppy

Haha. I said this in the chat once, and I mean no disrespect to anyone. But its a little sad when we start thinking that a yo-yo is better than another yo-yo. I guarantee you that if people put a Legacy or a PGM in the hands of say, Andrew Robinson or Guy Wright, they could most likely do all of their tricks that they do on metals. Once again, I’m not trying to put anyone down. I like to compare yo-yos myself =D. Just remember that it is the yo-yoer that really matters. The yo-yo does also, just not as much =D

To answer Samad’s statement, to me, even my Axiom feels a little sloppy lol. Still a great yo-yo!

Okay i just needed to know. What does “sloppy” mean to you?