Axiom,Eneme,Dv888 or protege?

which,in your opinion,should i get.

neither. go with yuuksta

Out of these, IMO, I say DV888. Not sure how the Axiom plays, but my ENEME’s play is… decent.

hmmm. here’s a good question: “What’s your budget?”


Happy Throwing! =]

what kind of yoyo do you like? the weight, the size?

whats the budget!?..

85$ is da budget

if that is your budget maybe DV888 it is cheap for all metal yoyo.

All of them are fine yoyos.

Personally, I tend to lean towards YoYoJam, so I’d say Eneme

woah $85?! that’s a lot but I woudln’t reco mended those.
for under $85, i would say genesis would be total budget. much high class. Also the BOSS.
BUT IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO GET EITHER AXIOM, DV888, ENEME OR PROTEGE, I would defineatley NOT say dv888 because of your budget. I prefer protege cause I like YYF and there yoyos are more “leveled”. What I mean by lveled is that the first YYJ metal yoyo is Axiom, wheras there are a lot of all metal yoyo’s under protege’s performance. This makes High End YYF all metal yoyos outstand, but really, it doesn’t matter but self name.

I’d go with protege or BOSS or Genesis. also if you pay $5 more, YOU CAN GET THE G5 THAT ROCKS!
So consider that too. Thanks and hope you choose a great yoyo! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

what about the proto or northstar
i heard those are good

They are, but, IMO, metals are a heck of alot smoother.

You could get a hatrick from the Buy/Sell/Trade for less than $85…

But between the ones you asked, I would reccomend a Dv888, it’s inexpensive and works great…between my Icon, Dv888 and B+ Ministar, my Dv888 spins the smoothest.

But that depends on the quality of the Hatrick.