Awesomenauts is a 2D Moba that consomes most of my gaming time. I was wondering if YYE had any fellow 'Nauts.

The game with all characters and balancing updates is only on steam but it is available on windows mac and linux. There is a ps3 and 360 version but do to issues with the publisher those where never updated. Also they are coming out with a Wii U and PS4 version and a new expansion that got kickstarted called Starstorm.



Official site:

That looks awesome! If I had much for gaming time I might have to give’er a go.

I have the game but play it rarely in favor of dota 2. It’s awesome just not my type.

I sank about 50 hours into Awesomenauts, it is a great game for the price. I reccomend it to everyone. Though I will warn you, despite the cartoony graphics, it requires a degree of skill compared to most games that would look like that.

Its ok. Played it a bit right when it hit steam. Felt like pushing was a little difficult, but that could just be inexperience. Also felt kinda snowbally.

they have done a ton of updates and there are now 14 characters and 4 maps. they have almost weekly updates for balance and such.

Put over 1000 hours into Dota 2 and barely escaped with my sanity(debatable). Quitting brought me back to yoyo and reclaimed some sanity(debatable). No more ARTS for me!