Anyone play DOTA 2?


Lotta cash on the line there.


I used to play casually but haven’t touched it since December. It’s kind of crazy just how much money you can make playing video games, especially if you’re a high profile gamer in South Korea. Some of those guys are on sponsorship and endorsement deals worth hundreds of thousands.



Yup. I’m pretty casual though. Ti4 is going to be pretty great.

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I’ve played over a thousand games of Dota 2. That’s over a long stretch of time though, seeing as I started playing in October 2011. I’m closely watching the international, but I’m in one of the more isolated areas of Norway, stuck with some pretty bad internet. So this summer I watch, but I don’t play.

Really impressed with EG this year, especially considering they have some really young players on the team. It’s also really evenly matched this year. Most, if not all the top teams can take this.

A bit disappointed with Alliance. They brought Nature’s Prophet back into the game with blink, but everyone banned him and Io. With two picks open like that, they could’ve had a solid backup strategy, but they didn’t.


I’ve been playing for probably five plus years, since Dota 1 was still a warcraft mod.

Still play a few times a week with my friends.


I played 650 games during the beta with a friend. Once he quit, I couldn’t handle solo-queueing.

I recently sold all of my dota items during the steam summer sale and got $90 in my steam wallet for the effort of a few thousand clicks spread over the course of a week. I then proceeded to buy $90 worth of games at no less than 75% discount and often better.

I had zero clue what this game was about when I first started, so you can imagine the grief I caused at first. Especially considering I would only play Drow and Bloodseeker in online games until I got decent.

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Finals this weekend!

Sadly I got festival tickets, so I will have to stay updated through my phone.

NewBee has been playing impressively well climbing from that tie-breaker all the way up to winner’s bracket. Still a pretty open tournament. Bo3 is a lot different than Bo1, so we’ll see what happens I guess.


I’ve been playing since OG Dota and I can still only really play Drow properly XD I’m okay-ish with most other DPS heroes but absolutely terrible with supporting heroes because I just don’t have the patience. Need to kill stuff and do it often.


That’s absolutely the worst time to sell anything on steam.


You are assuming many things, and I can assure you that you are partially correct, but in this circumstance you are mostly wrong. You assume to know which items I owned/sold/traded, and their complete market history. I researched and studied the trends and know where I lost potential profit and where I gained. Overall I came out winning. Having worked professionally as an analyst for over a decade in the corporate world I assure you that I also understand those graphs and what they represent. :wink: Many of my items had gradually lost value over the 2 years that I had them and the steam summer sale made a negligible difference. Many of my items exploded in value and were near worthless when I got them and again, the summer sale made a negligible difference. Many higher value items sold, I originally traded a bunch of garbage for to get. At any rate, this is more profitable than what I originally planned. I was going to trash all of my dota items within the game. When you do that, you get random drops. Now this gamble is truly throwing your money away, so you can sort of see how much I cared at my dota items at that point. The toxic community made those items worthless in my eyes so good riddance! Playing on a stack is the only way I could survive that game again.