Awesome Science Class


So today we were discussing stars in science, and we talked about a type of stars called Protostars for 10 minutes! I was trying to keep a straight face and failing. It was awesome ;D. I have aprotostar on the fritz, and I used to love it, so it was hilarious.

(WildCat23) #2

Would have been funnier if you had a protostar in your pocket…


Yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


or, if someone made a magnetar…


Wow, you’re lucky!
My science teacher is insane.

(WildCat23) #6

Magnetic metal protostar.  I won’t be surprised if it happens…


something kind of similar happened to me
we were having a big test on the Chinese dynasties in school, so I brought my YYF Die-Nasty the day of the test ;D


Thats a funny one.

Ive never heard of a magnetar.

Don’t worry, my science teacher is partially insane, i assure you. ;D


megnetar is not a very known term