hahaha yoyo in space!



That’s awesome! Nice post! Pretty cool to know some astronauts throw too. Looks like he was using an 888. I guess in space, hubstacks aren’t a novelty, they’re a necessity!


true stroy! i think he cheated though haha. wish i had an anti gravity chamber that would make the double or nothing much easier to land :), it is definitely nice to see that NASA allows for play time in space.


Definitely cool! I’ve never seen that before. :smiley:


Man, horizontal in space…that would be perfect.


He definitely has his priorities out of order… I mean operating robotic arms to catch a spacecraft? Instead of yoyoing? Pssh.


one day i will get to play in an anti-gravity chamber and cheat too hehehe, i agree yoyoing over playing with the giant crane machine to fish shuttles out of space is just kids play compared to throwing the yoyo haha!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made a giant metal yoyo, and used a giant crane arm to throw it!

Just on the subject odd throwing :smiley:

Anyway cool post.


Haha this is hilarious!

(WildCat23) #10

Anti-gravity chamber, lol. I love physics…


Never really thought about this until I read your post.

(SR) #12

He’s using a DNA, not an 888.

This is old, but it’s a good watch.


Hahaha, this is the video that reminded me of my old yoyo days (along with a movie I can’t remember the name) and got me into the hobbie.
NASA had other videos of yoyoing in space, but none with unresponsive hubstacked yoyos, so they wouldn’t sleep, not much fun then.


This is such old news it could be considered a necro. :wink: