This seems like more of a General yo-yo forum thing instead of a ‘Videos’ thing.


this is awesome i need to try it.

space space space!!! I’mmmmm In spaaaaaaaaceeeeee!!! 10 nerd points to whoever gets that reference


“Because I’m in space…and I can.”

Story of his life.


What yoyo is that?


@DrAwesome Is it a Portal 2 reference?


yup, corrupted space core ftw


2 yo-yos used, one of them, the light gold one, is a DNA.


Was this filmed.for a preschool show?
I hate being talk to like im 2y old.

Learn the physics and talk to a girl about the physics and you will impress the ladies… This guy has been up there to long.


10 nerd points to everyone who guessed portal 2


I wud like to see a ghost in spacec lol


I would finally be able to do horizontal tricks.


Lol, you could throw horizontal with your body horizontal too - then it would be like throwing normally, just horizontally instead!


Freaking sweet :o



Just found this on MSN. Thought you all might get a kick out of it. Sure would make learning tricks easier. Not sure what he’s using, look like a YYF.


NASA needs to send a competitive yo-yo player into space.  I bet they could come up with some off the wall ish in zero G.

Hey Ben, you should see about sending some of the YYF team members for a ride on a vomit comet:



High five for referencing Portal bro.
And that was amazing.


Yep I guessed the Portal 2 reference!


portal 2’s space sphere. it’s my ringtone :slight_smile:


i present to you the highest of fives wargirl i need that ringtone


i can upload it if you want. not sure where to host it, but i can do it.