Just saw this video and thought you guys would enjoy watching it! What yoyo do you think he’s using??

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I didn’t watch it but I think I’ve seen it before I’m pretty sure it’s an 888

It’s a DNA

I saw that he doesn’t know what he is talking about Yoyo wise because
He is talking a lot of nothing because if you check this video

It nows shows you don’t need that DNA to work so what he is saying is politically incorrect.

“politically incorrect” is not the term you are going for. :wink: Cool video, though!

Haha yeah, that term is generally reserved for things that actually have to do with politics :stuck_out_tongue:

His was responsive.

true but saying that regular Yoyo physics in the space aren’t  the same is false.

They aren’t the same the lack of gravity is the difference. But it’s only part of the physics at play.

Awesome video though ;D i’m showing it to my kid tonight.

lololol someone tell dude to use a black background next time he makes a video XD hahahahaa