Average Gap Width

Does anyone know what is the average gap width of yoyos? how big the width is considered big and how small is considered small?

there really is no average

lets say a gap width of 4mm… is it considered to be small?


that would be extremely small unless it was a looping yoyo

It actually wouldn’t.

That’s a good question.

From what I’ve seen, the average size of the gap of the yoyo has increased over the years as the demand for more string layers and such increases as tricks get harder. I’d say most yoyos now are around 4 millimeters. Of course, you have stuff like the 888 clocking in around 5, and that’s OK too. You also have the Night Moves 5, which has a totally giant gap.

So basically, 4-5 seems pretty average. I think if you asked this four years ago the answer would have been closer to 3.

ah… icic… thanks dude :smiley: