gap size makes a difference?

I’m staring at yoyo’s here on, and just a few of them have gap sizes, and then it came to me.

does gap size effect play that much?

if I am able to do Eli hops on a YYF Protostar with a .17 in gap, of course it will help me trying it on a superstar with a .21 in gap… right?

but should I get used to a superstar and decide to get a YYF big deal/ mighty flea… am I going to be royally !@#$'d?

do you notice the difference in gap sizes when you switch between yoyos/try out other’s yoyos?

No you wont be stuffed, it will just take longer to get used to.
Different yoyo’s have different gaps, it just depends on personal preference some people like smaller gaps and other people like larger gaps, also bearing size is a major contributer to gap size.
Gap size affects play by limiting the amount of string layers you can have while the yoyo is spinning. example: bigger gap = more string layers.

Gap sizes are interesting. Modern yoyos nowadays have gaps that you could drive a truck through. Anything that you buy nowadays will have a large enough gap to facilitate your tricks. Large gaps do tend to be more unresponsive and, like Max said, take more string layers.

What I do caution you on is the Mighty Flea. That’s not a yoyo designed for people to use as a regular yoyo. Don’t buy it expecting an everyday player or something you’d compete with. Its a novelty for people who are willing to drop $80 on a micro-sized yoyo.

Well even if the gap is small, the winged shape of most yoyos will push the string into the gap. Even if you don’t land right on the gap, if you land in… thats too confusing. I made a picture. here it is: