What is considered a large gapped yoyo? Thanks.

5 mm i think

That really depends on the person…

A personally consider anything 4.7+ large gapped… Some consider anything 4.5+ or 4.85+, it really just varies on the person

If it’s unresponsive and I’m not having the yoyo accidentally bind on me(due to not me being lame), then that’s large enough of a gap for me.

String thickness I feel is often a key factor. If you’re playing super thick strings, you might want a wider gapped yoyo.

I feel most unresponsive yoyos this day are “large gapped”.

Yoyos that use bearings larger than an A size are usually wider gap…

Anything with a C or D sized bearing is generally a large gap. A D sized will have a bigger gap than C, it’s wider, but it’s not as big.