4A yoyos gap width?

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So I’ve been lurking everywhere but I got no real answer yet. I want to know the average gap width for most 4A yoyos, or if it’s adjustable I need to know the width range. I got a modded Windforce with messed up gap width and I’m planning to narrow the gap a bit more because the response is too loose with normal string… just wanna see what the average is. Thanks in advance!


I have a Fiesta XX, and the gap seems to be about the size of a half spec. I left it at home, and i’m on vacation right now.


You want it to be in the range of “responsive play”. So, probably around a 1/8th of an inch or so

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Mine is less than that already about 2.5 mm (0.1 inch) but with normal strings it still doesn’t grab well. It’s not responsive for 1a btw.


Maybe the response is worn out. I’d have to go measure yoyos and I’m just too lazy to do that right now even though I have the time and the tools. I’ve noticed a range of gaps too depending on the yoyo. Most have relatively deep bearing recesses to cover part of the C-sized bearing.

Just to clarify, are you saying it is playing responsive for 1A or it is playing unresponsive for 1A? Nearly every 4A yoyo I’ve played with is responsive if being used for 1A.


most offstring gaps seem to stay around 2 mm, usually a little more.

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Near new pads, I even switched to RTV, It’s unresponsive even for 1a. In the end I contacted my friend who owns Ashiru Kamui light, his gap is even wider than my Windforce but his is somewhat a bit more responsive. Apparently it’s the string length, I normally use the same string length with 1a (which is a bit shorter than what most people used here), so I’ll just adjust the bind a bit. The good thing with shorter string is it doesn’t snag as often, that’s how I like it.
Thanks guys for your help.

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My Go Big is roughly twice that…