Yoyos with 4mm gap or less?

What are some unresponsive metal yoyos with under a 4mm gap width?

The you factory heist is 4.25mm
And the Auldey black sword comes close but I am not sure what the actual specs are
Hope that helps☺

The Bassline 2 had a 3.85mm gap.

Thanks guys! I may have to look into the baseline 2 :slight_smile:

The One Drop Project 1 is almost narrow enough - it’s 4.2mm.

The Dif-E-Yo Cross Bones, Tank, Bare Bones are all 4mm, and everything made before the Bare Bones is 4mm or less.

Also you said somewhere else that you really like the Surge. Many older YoYoJams, plastics and hybrids, have an adjustable gap that allows you set the gap width and thus the level of responsiveness that you want.

You could set up the AlleyCat unresponsive.

Idk the gap width of these yoyos, but you could probably set up a spacer Duncan yoyo (fhz, fh2, metal zero, metal drifter) to have a less than 4mm gap