avant garde vs super g

want a steady nice grinding and has a good sleep time so far im between the avant garde and super g since they both have the general shape i wanted

get the super g!!! the avant garde in my opinion is waaaaaayyyyyy over priced.

I can get them for the same price locally for 79 so how is their play compared to each other

The avante garde 2, if that is what you are referring to, is a love hate throw.

The crazy inside cut will make it a bit weird at first, but really grows on you

When I first got it at the mystery box, after playing for 10 minutes I was ready to give up. After giving it another shot, it’s an amazing stable throw. It takes a while to throw it straight.

I do not recommend it for a first metal, or even a comp throw. I do recommend if you want to try something different, and want some change and have some fun.

You can get them so cheap since almost everyone hates it!

Good luck!

The Avant-Garde (or 2) is a little rounder and grinds better (imo) but the Super G should give better sleep times with it’s extreme rim weight. Both are great throws it all just comes down to preference really.

Neither grind well.

Actually the avant garde has dropped incredibly because of the amount of them in the mystery box. So the range for about $50-75 now a days. But I love my avant garde very much and gives very nice sleep time and very stable

No answer to your question, sorry… just wanted to clear up some of the information about the Avant Garde as it appears in this thread:

The original-- not the 2-- appeared in the mystery box. As xxjohnsonxx states, it’s fairly readily available for not much dough.

The original is NOT widely debated as a love/hate throw the way the 2 is. Most people thought it was a great throw. I never tried a 2, but I think the original is absolutely phenomenal. But that doesn’t matter because I can’t compare it to the Super G, which is the kind of response you’re looking for. :wink:

The avant garde 2 is a weird throw , its good but weird. I threw joe wilson’s and it was smooth played nice and stable and had a better grind surface due to it having a more inner extending hub. I realy don’t know what all the negativity about it is. Its like the underdog twin of the cliff.

I’d say the Super G.