Avalanche trouble - Please Help!

Okay. So I got a brand-new CLYW Avalanche yoyo for christmas.
I was upset with it, as it was vibey out of the box, and was not staying unresponsive, but I liked the shape of it.
I have replaced the bearing and response pads, but it is still very responsive!
Also, the axle won’t come out. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or if that’s a normal thing…
Please help me!
(If a moderator sees this, I 'm not sure which discussion section this belongs in.)

Does it have two pick axes on it? If so, it is sold for cheaper due to vibe. Try cleaning the bearing seat and using different string if cleaning the bearing doesn’t help.

If it has the clyw logo on it then its a fools gold and is probably vibey.
I would go to this thread http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=printpage;topic=40366.0
You might strip the yoyo if you use pliers so use with caution.

Why did you wait over a month? Was the axle stuck from the beginning? Did it come from YoyoExpert? I would have immediately contacted André.


Fool’s Gold is not necessarily due to vibe. And the ones that are can sometimes be tuned to minimal or no vibe.

so not true some fools gold have vibe but its usually ano flaws that make it fools gold

The ones on sale at the CLYW Store were Fool’s Gold due to vibe. But if you changed the bearing and response pads, there’s no reason for it to be responsive. Try cleaning the bearing, and wiping the bearing seat with a Q-Tip or something, should get rid of most of the gunk in there.

Maybe the bearing seat wasnt shaped correctly? Maybe try popping a bearing with a rounded edge, like a onedrop 10ball. Maybe thatll work? If you replaced everything else, then there should be no reason it would be responsive and vibey (to a large extent), even if a fools gold.

CLYW tests all their YoYos before packaging them. Is it possible for the YoYo to have been damaged in transit? What store did you get the Avalanche from?