Avalanche or format:c

I really want a great throw that can tackle any trick with ease , long spin times, controllably fast play and horizontal tricks i have yet to use a clyw or a onedrop , i have used a og avalanche it was great , please help thanks in advance

I have not tried the format c myself, but from what others have been saying,it sounds good, so I would personally get that.

Not an avalanche fan

in your opinion why do you not like it?

If I had to choose I’d choose the format C…

Same here

I was so excited when my fitend said he got one. It looked nice band the shape was nice too. But when I threw it… Ehhhh…

It just felt weird! It was like heavy-ish or something. I can’t really explain it, I just wasn’t a fan.

i feel weird because i dont have a clyw yet lol i want one but i would really like a format:c its a nice yoyo and a bit cheaper

I haven’t tried one. At my yoyo club they got new ones and they look amazing. There silent-ish, I hear there smooth

I LOVE the Avalanche. Just got a format:C and I’m loving it, too. They are visually dissimilar and feel pretty different in the hand; however, they share a lot of common traits: stable without being “indestructible tanks”, walking a fine line between floaty and solid. Avalanche grinds well while format:C grinds “passably”. format:C would probably play better horizontal, but I’ve never actually tried horizontal on an Avalanche to compare.

Between these two yoyos, I say pick the one that appeals to you visually, and you won’t be disappointed. :wink:

I haven’t tried a Format:C yet, but I love, love, love my Avalanche.

thank you so much man i dont really grind all too much so like you said ill pick what looks nice to me

Personally I fell the avalanche lacks spin time compared to something else like a chief or summit. So that being said, I’d go with format:F

Its kind of boring, meh…
Its to big, and way to slim

It feels clunky and slow.

Avalance is on the smaller side of “full-sized” but to me it actually feels smaller than that! I certainly would never think to call it “kind of big”, that’s for sure! Nor do I find it “slim”! Another example of how perception is a totally subjective and funny thing. :wink:

On paper, it’s a smaller full-sized in diameter, and it’s right in the “normal” zone for slimness. It’s wider than the Code 1 or Chik, but slightly narrower than the Chief. Since the Chief is also larger in diameter, proportionally they’re not much different.

But again, some of it is just perception. Apollo2 perceives it as big and slim, and I perceive it as actually being smaller than it really is. So weird!

Yea man that’s pretty funny. When I got my first Ava it was the biggest throw I had ever gotten… It felt real big… Now it looks and feels almost undersize! I love both yoyo’s but would deff go with the Format:C

thanks again! Ill probably get the avalanche and then when black friday comes around ill get the Format:c , im just worried they wont restock by the time im gonna buy one theres only one clairview station left and i really want it but i am a few weeks short of allowance to get one , guess ill just hope for the best only chris mikulin has the power over that