Australian yoyo video


Hi my name is Sal i am an Australian yoyoer, i don’t have that many views, i put a lot of effort into this video. I have been yoyoing for about 3 years, i am not very good, i have been practicing lots in order to become better. If you like please share with your friends. All feedback is appreciated whether good or bad, enjoy

(2Sick Joey) #2

Dude your beast!




I thought it was great!


holy crap batman!!!

dude… seriously, that was probably on of the best choreographed videos I have seen! when the bass dropped near the end you went HARD!!! heck ya man keep it up forreal id love to see more of your videos come out in the future, such a fast paced style you got there. dope!

I like how the intro text before his video makes it seem like hes not very good yet hahaha. but like he said he’s practicing to get better. that’s what happens when you practice guys. you get better.

good stuff again man!


Super clean style and the video is excellently made. The use of different angles was nice and also transitions. Keep up the great work!


Thanks guys, i can assure you guys more quality videos will be coming out in the future, thanks for your support and feedback. If you guys want i can do a tutorial if you see something you like. if i can remember how to do haha.


I was just about to ask! could you put together a short video of that frontstyle revolutions thing tha happens from around 41 seconds to 43 seconds into the video? that junk is doppeee, and ive been needing something flashy for my frontstyle.

also, how sad were you when steve irwin died? I was in 8th grade first period tech class when I found out, I cried, he was literally my hero.

R.I.P Steve


Give me a week thanks, any one else?


You officially have another subscriber!

:smiley: I love your style! The tricks were amazing and the editing was stellar! Keep it up!


Sorry it took to long but here it is


sweet man thanks!


Great stuff! Missed this thread before, but I’m all aboard now. :wink: